Creative and design direction, for 120 sq m  covered and 250 sq m outdoors

Role: Creative direction, 

Project Direction.

The essence of the design of Fuego Argentino is to embrace and magnetize you with the space, its warmth holds you and within a palette of light and dark colors, the fire and the looks are what  flashes.


The space is covered by fabrics that envelop and wander it, fabrics that were designed and made by Argentine hands, inspired by the traditional poncho.

What surrounds the bodies, surrounds the space. Fuego Argentino’s team wears uniforms with ponchos that were designed and made with the same materials and techniques of the textiles that embrace the room. The design of the uniforms is a reinterpretation of characteristic garments historically used by gauchos.


On the inside there is a bench that expands itself through the perimeter of the space, which surrounds people and forms a large circle around the fire. The warmth, the union and the feeling of a hug, is taken to all the details of the space.


The interior and exterior, the uniforms, the graphics, everything was thought out, designed

and made by a team of Argentine artists, designers and editors.




Project design: Foguel Studio

General project assistance: Josefina Barbero

Architecture Consulting: Manuela Madruga

3D visualization: Alfredo Guzmán y VSBL Nacho Fabio

Uniform Design: Sabina Tiemroth

Textile design: Foguel Studio

Textile production: Priscila Estrada,  Mario Vucetich, Carolina Salom

Video and photo: Felipe Sanguinetti

Poetic writting for video: Tatiana Perez Veiga

Textile mounting: Julieta Iacono and Luis María Ducasse

Graphic design stage 1: Fran Ganado

Graphic design stage 2: Paz Miamor