Concept and interior design for 750 m2 bar

Role: Art Director




The concept proposed for this project was THE MOON. 

Every decision in the design process was guided by the concept of the astronomical body and all the feelings it evokes. following a minimal aesthetic and a monotone color palette, the interiors become spatial, inviting guests to an experience out of this universe.

Taking cues from the spherical shape of the moon, we created an immersive bar filled with moon imagery. from half circle booths, to round midnight blue stools, every element of the design matches the theme. the bar also includes a long, communal table that illustrates the moon phases on its surface. the moonlight-inspired lighting design includes circular shapes and emanates an ambiance that emulates the different conditions that moonlight brings in nature.

the color palette explores a range of blue shades, changing in texture and materiality. blue walls contrast with more white-tinted, round mirrors. the blue leather-like finish of the booths complements the different enamel-covered tables. the backlit bar that shines through the bottles brings a starry quality to the space, completing the galactic atmosphere in the 2500 sqft space .




Architecture and construction: Ludmila Timerman + Candelaria Gonzalez.

Rendering: Alfredo Guzmán

PH: Andrés Negroni

Text edited by cristina gomez