Barrio lindo | Albura

Cover art for Albura album from Barrio Lindo
Role: Art direction
Production: Marianela Laura Depetro, Leticia Bobbioni, Eugenia Foguel

Cover art for “Albura” album, from argentinian musician Barrio Lindo.
Art direction for photography, design and construction of mask and natural sculpture.
Albura means sapwood, it is the most superficial part of the trunk, in full contact with the exterior, it is a surface of exchange.
The process of creation of the pieces for Albura took many weeks of searching and gathering of natural pieces to compose a micro-village, thought as every thing that can grow from the exchange of this piece of wood and the environment.
Somehow, this work tries to represent the result of the creation that emerges from being open to the surrounds us.


Albura, 2017.
Barks, teeth and feathers.
Mixed media.
Dimensions: 45 x 20 x 10 cm.