Inmersive textile installation for LANA SUR at Distrito Arenales, Buenos Aires


Kokon, which means cocoon in Polish, is a textile installation,  knitted with 320 ft2 of pure wool looms.

It explores the spatial posibilities of the loom and the fibers to generate a habitat and a path. The wool is tensed and then liberated in search of contact with the people who are going through it: it is a sensible, porous and touchable space. se trata de un espacio.

The color palette is composed of a progression of hue, saturation and brightness that is changing through its changes in the curvature of its surfaces. The finish of the structures is linked to the characteristic tornasol of the insect kingdom.

A cocoon unfolding on a human scale as a metaphor for containment, shelter and protection, which propitiates and proposes a metamorphosis: it is inhabited and traversed to give rise to a transformation.

Kokon implied a production of 6 looms of 9.8x 4.9 ft, each one of a different color. Such dimensions required a design of a mechanism to tense the wool around a frame which was hanged by an axis from ceiling to the floor, as shown in the process video. 

The iron shapes in the inside were bended manually by the blacksmith Romeo Emanuel Sosa.

Finally, the looms were transfered to the archs and shapes of iron and combed to be tensed.


Eugenia Foguel, 2019

Inmersive textile installation

Wool loom on “tropicalizado” iron

300 x 170 x 260 cm


Development and production of structures: Romeo Emanuel Sosa.

Development assistants: Sofía Pironio, Agustina Ikei, Serena Triolo, Martín del groso, Santiago Perez Fuchs, Maria Fabiana Ortega, Juan Pablo Molina.
Lighting : Huup Iluminación
Photo and video: Andrés Negroni

Video edit: Agustina Ikei
Special thanks to: Florencia Ducasse, Josefina Biritos, Máximo Triolo, Maser, Koko.