Art Basel

Antes Muerta Que

Selected work for  “Eternity”, collective exhibition by Maurizio Cattelan at Art Basel Cities Buenos Aires.


Plaza Sicilia, Bosques de Palermo
Fotografía e ilustración: Lucía Triolo


“ANTES MUERTA QUE” was selected to be part of “Eternity”, a collective installation by Maurizio Cattelan, curated by Cecilia Alemani for Art Basel Cities Buenos Aires.

It is a homage to Zentai culture, to pharaonic tombs, a blink to Power Rangers and to commodity fetishism as well. All the ideas and questions around what we buy, what we desire, what we wear and what we project around us, all in relation with our time on earth, the relation between our objects and death.



Materials: manequeen, hats shoes, bags, glasses, jewelry.

Dimensions: 190x40x30 cm

2018, Palermo, Buenos Aires.