MINOco | Scale Change

MINOco: Scale Change

Digital Campaign

Role: Art direction
Client: MINOco Identidad Visual
Production House: Volcán | Marianela Laura Depetro, Leticia Bobbioni, Eugenia Foguel

Art direction for web campaign for MINOco, a visual identity studio based in Buenos Aires.
Creative direction and production by Volcán.MINOco called Volcán to create images for their new campaign with the idea of showing clients that every new project makes them dive into a new universe. We thought of immersive environments and how to communicate that their studio could be totally transformed with each new project. We proposed to create scale changes in which the real, the surreal, the space, the objects, 2D, 3D, toys and machines could lose their titles to enter new ways of relationship, and became a new cosmos, with its own rules.
Production: MINOco. + Volcán
Production Designer: Eugenia Foguel
Set Building: MINOco.
Photography and post: Leticia Bobbioni y Marianela Depetro
Finishing: Jo Bayliss
Make up: Juan Gasparini