Parque Bar

Art direction for PARQUE BAR. Design of installations with nature.

Role: Art director

Foguel Studio was summoned by Ohio and Tricota Studios to design 5 installations using nature as a compositional material for the iconical botanic bar PARQUE, located in the night spot of Palermo, Buenos Aires.In the entrance hall is the “Infinite Forest”, a multisensory installation that dilutes the limits of architecture, melting the notions of interior-exterior and enhancing the beauty of nature. 40 willow logs were installed in the entrance hall of PARQUE Bar in front of gray mirrors to perpetuate the reflection of the people passing by through the logs ́ path. The lines of light and the willows multiply, the reflection of the visitors fades in the forest, making it an immersive experience.

Arabesques of eucalyptus branches, a completely green ceiling, natural species in different stages of life, plants suspended in iron structures, forming green living columns.The DJ booth is surrounded by “Pampas grass”, as if it is an oasis of high “pastizales” and is crowned by a lamp composed of a bouquet of branches, leaves and flowers that make up a cloud that filters the light.

In the sector near the patio, bouquets of willow leafs suspended from the ceiling accompany the rhythm of the hammocks of the dining sector, recalling the gardens of our childhood.

Art direction: Foguel StudioArchitecture: Ohio Studio

Identity design: Tricota Studio 

Assistance: Agustina Ikei, Roxana Paik
Location: Parque Bar, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Video and photography credits:

Film: Oruga Geisha

Performer: Fela Navia

Art direction and styling: Eugenia Foguel

Music for video: “himmel himmel blao” from Barrio Lindo