BKF Intersection

Intersección BKF

BKF chair structure, latex gloves, fill.
Performers: Diego Rosental, Ollantay Rojas, Julián Dubié

BKF Intersection is the second stage of a project that was born at the workshops of PATA summer courses in Lodz, Poland. In this stance, the project arises as a continuation of an exercise at the residency and it is a vehicle for my main questions as a designer and as an artist: What is the limit between object, costume, space and work of art? What defines those categories? This piece has a static and a dynamic moment, in which a performer uses it generating different “use situations” in which it could be read as costume, a cupule, a sculpture, a phantom of a chair.
The objective is to generate a dynamic category or something uncategorizable, which can mutate each second when it is pretended to give it a function.
What is it like to wear a chair?


Performers: Ollantay Rojas, Diego Rosental, Julián Dubié.
Assistance: Jimena Mejuto y Natasha Galardo.
Photography: Marianela Depetro