4Feet | The series



VR & flat series selected for Venice Bienal 2020

Role: Production designer| Art director


4feet is about Juana, a 17 year-old wheelchair user, who aims to explore her sexuality but is ashamed of her body. Trying to find her place in a new high school, she will go through failure, friendship, fear and politics until she builds her own pride. It is an intimate experience that plays with our prejudices and might be uncomfortable. An invitation to see new bodies on screens, to feel, and enjoy the beauty of diversity. A space that revendicates, generates identity and builds a collective pride.
Production design involved creating very different aesthetics, at one side, to show Juana´s fantasies and match the material world with post production animations, and in the other side, to represent and homage political activism in public spaces and Cordoba´s popular expressions.
Production designer: Eugenia Foguel
Scenographer: Florencia Wehbe
Graphic design and mural art: Lucas Chami
Art production: Laly Moyano
Art assistance: Sofía Pironio
Prop master: Rodrigo Alabart
Prop master assistance: Juan Lupiañez
Wardrobe: Ana Chacón
Wardrobe assistance: María José Cisneros
Special Costume at Sex Shop: Sofía Torres Kosiba
Make up and hair: Agustín Gelfo
Make up and hair assistance: Guadalupe Velasco
Artworks at Sex Shop: Sofía Torres Kosiba
Graphic interventions in activism:
Nosotras Proponemos, volandoenflores, crizis, bestia, ruedigrafia, reny, niguana, rojo biber, vivoracabeza, escoriaediciones, dana banana, maca torres, ona haru, Revista Laucha, Revista Elefante


Maria Belen Poncio, Rosario Perazolo Masjoan, Damian Turkieh
Detona Cultura (Ezequiel Lenardon), Red Corner (Marie Blondiaux), ARTE France (Marianne Levy-Leblond), Realidad 360 Argentina (Damian Turkieh), Malditomaus Animation and VFX Mena Studio
Running Time:
Argentina, France
Main Cast:
Marisol Agostina Irigoyen, Florencia Licera, Marcio Ramsés, Natalia Di Cienzo, Francisca Spinotti, Camila Rodriguez
Elisa Gagliano, Rosario Perazolo Masjoan, María Belén Poncio, Greta Molas, Javier Correa Caceres, Delphine Agut, Ivana Galdeano, Gabriela Vidal
Marco Rostagno
Damian Turkieh
Production Designer:
Eugenia Foguel
Costume Designer:
Anita Chacon
Lucia Caruso, Pedro Henriques da Silva, Antoine Wert, Novelab
Amaury La Burthe
Visual Effects:
Martin Lopez Funes
PLATFORM: Facebook’s OculusTV – HTC Viveport Video – Venice VR Expanded platform on VRChat
HEADSET: Facebook’s Oculus Quest – Facebook’s Oculus GO – VIVE PRO – RiftS – Vive Cosmos – Valve Index – MixedReality