Art direction for video and photo productions.

Role: Art director | Production designer
Photography: Kayla Rocca for KZM Agency

Art direction from concept to delivery, to be launched at all communication channels of Shapermint: Retention, Acquisition, Growth, Brands, Social Media.

This is a selection of projects conceived for the brand. The campaigns were designed starting from briefs and requirements from the different areas of the company to achieve all the communication needs for each product, launch or special date.


Our role was to create concept and treatment for each new communication, building a visual bridge between acquisition and brands. The process started by creating detailed guidelines with mood boards and references including colors, textures, wardrobe, backgrounds, poses and general mood, then leading kick off meetings to communicate this requirements to the production company, follow up on pre production, models selection, wardrobe scoutings and remote overseeing/monitoring of the shooting day, held in Toronto, Canadá. 
Siobhan Lonergan, Gabrielle Richards, María Murga Gil, Marcia Dellarosa, Sergio Pellín, María Teresa Gomez, María Buenaño.
Kayla Rocca para KZM Agency