Intersección BKF

BKF Intersection


El poder de la fragilidad, Panal 361.

Quizás, Paseo de las Artes Pedro de Mendoza.

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

BKF Intersection is the second stage of a project that was born at the workshops of PATA summer courses in Lodz, Poland. In this stance, the project arises as a continuation of an exercise at the residency and it is a vehicle for my main questions as a designer and as an artist: What is the limit between object, costume, space and work of art? What defines those categories? This piece has a static and a dynamic moment, in which a performer uses it generating different “use situations” in which it could be read as costume, a cupule, a sculpture, a phantom of a chair.

The objective is to generate a dynamic category or something uncategorizable, which can mutate each second when it is pretended to give it a function.

¿What is it like to wear a chair?



BKF Intersection


Performers: Ollantay Rojas, Diego Rosental, Julián Dubié.

Assistance: Jimena Mejuto y Natasha Galardo.

Photography: Marianela Depetro



El poder de la fragilidad

November  2018

Panal 361,

Buenos Aires, Argentina.



November  2018

Paseo de las Artes Pedro de Mendoza

Distrito de las artes, La Boca

Buenos Aires, Argentina.